Linha de Apoio a Migrantes

Telephone – 218 106 191 (add +351 if you’re calling from abroad) or 808 257 257 (portuguese landline) (, in 14 different languages, on working days, from 9am to 7pm.

*(Call according to national fixed network tariff)


(foreigners in Portugal)

Helping to guarantee equality in areas such as access to work, housing, health and education

clarifying immigrants’ doubts

advising callers and/or referring cases that need other types of support to the entities that can help.


(Portuguese abroad)

Advising callers and/or referring to other entities the cases that need help in areas such as access to work, housing, health and education

help those who need information to return to Portugal

they clarify questions to immigrant associations, local support centers for the integration of migrants, companies and public administration institutions.

Associações de imigrantes, centros locais de apoio à integração de migrantes, empresas e instituições da administração pública, no esclarecimento de questões.

At the same number you can request the Telephone Translation Service for Migrants

The line contains the Telephone Translation Service, which was created to help overcome the language barrier.

Any citizen who needs an immediate or scheduled telephone translation may call.
The service is free of charge. The call charge, if any, according to the operator’s communications plan, is the one that is established for local call charges.
The service has up to 60 interpreters who, in addition to Portuguese, are fluent in one or more languages, with a total of 56 different languages, putting the technical person from the service provider, the person doing the translation and the migrant into a conference call.


Gabinete de Apoio às Políticas Locais de Integração de Migrantes

Rua Álvaro Coutinho n.º 14 1150-025 Lisboa

Telefone: 218 106 100

(Call according to national fixed network tariff)

Email: /

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Rua Luís de Camões, n.º 64, 3750-159 Águeda